• VIC -37.067752 144.039222
  • WA -26.535320 122.270164
  • SA -30.009454 135.060153
  • NSW -32.361987 146.388467
  • QLD -22.892489 144.104018

Active Cold Chain logistics – Now with Interstate delivery capability.

From November 2020 Mediport will commence a guaranteed overnight interstate carton service.

The unit employed to facilitate this service is a Coldtainer

  • a pharmaceutical / temperature sensitive portable coolroom
  • has the footprint of a pallet space
  • operates by a bank of batteries for up to 100 hours at 5 degrees
  • validated and mapped to TGA cGDPs for vaccines and cold chain medicines.

Mediport has spent 12 years developing a national presence in this field supporting State based vaccine programs, manufacturers of product, wholesalers and 3PL healthcare companies.

Mediport maintains a 100% DIFOTIT (Delivery In Full On Time In Temperature) for collecting, storing, dispatching and delivering Cold Chain medicines whilst meeting both the Good Distribution Practices and the Good Manufacturing Practices (transporting unfinished goods) of the TGA.

Mediport maintains its own fleet of 50 vans around the capital cities and holds both S4 and S8 licences. Our processes focus on protecting your product, running an ISO 9001:2015 GDP and GMP accredited quality management system.

We employ live data technologies to ensure the safety of the product.

All drivers are equipped with Sign on Glass technology that provides instantaneous Proof of Deliveries along with ETAs and any updates required to keep driver updated.

Polystyrene facts

25% - 30%

of landfill mass

500 years

to decompose


in many countries

Benefits of Active Refrigeration

Reduction in Landfill with Gell Packs and Polystyrene.
Use Card board – save on packaging costs
No reverse Logistics needed

The Director

The Director Marcus Lethlean has completed a bachelor in laws at Deakin University as well as a Psychology degree from Monash University and started working in the Pharmaceutical industry in 2001.

In 2001 the business commenced with only one vehicle. The opportunity for expansion came when Mediport was invited to provide a bespoke solution for CSL after attempts at working with existing cold chain businesses proved inadequate. Country runs were added after and initial trial period and now Mediport covers most of the state. All vehicles carry with them $100 000 marine insurance.

We are continually looking for the most accountable and transparent systems in cold chain medical distribution, we welcome input and enjoy the opportunity to manage the integration for companies away from esky with ice blocks and cool pacs to a validated refrigerated cold chain model for distribution.


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